Spanish Moss Cave
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Access to Spanish Moss Cave has been delegated by the US Forest Service to the Timpanogos Grotto.

The current Keymaster is Richard Downey -


Spanish Moss Cave is located in Rock Canyon east of Provo, Utah in the Uinta National Forest.

The entrance is gates and access is controlled for the following reasons:

  1. Access to the main part of the cave requires negotiating a 25 ft. Corkscrew and a 35 ft free hanging pit. Attempts to negotiate this passage without the proper equipment and training could result in serious injury or death.
  2. Parts of the cave contain delicate speleothems which might be damaged by carelessness or even deliberate vandalism if access were unrestricted.

Entrance to Spanish Moss Cave will be given to groups which meet the following requirements:

  1. Each group will consist of no more than six persons and no less than three persons.
  2. The Trip Leader will have previously entered the cave and negotiated the pits and drops.
  3. All trip participants will have their own vertical gear, and will have had prior experience using that gear which will be used for entry and subsequent use in the cave. The equipment shall be considered safe by modern rock climbing standards.
  4. Group Members agree not to touch or to cause damage to any speleothems or remove any items from the cave even if already broken.
  5. Each person who enters the cave will sign the register and enter all information it requests. Each group member will sign separately.
  6. A $20 deposit will be left with the Timpanogos Grotto Keymaster when said key is borrowed. Key must be returned the day of the trip. Loss or failure to return key as agreed will result in forfeiture of deposit and possible denial of future entry. This will also apply if any attempt to duplicate the key is made.
  7. Trip Leader will give expected time of return from the cave to a friend or relative who will notify the Forest Service or the Timpanogos Grotto if the group hasn't returned on time.
  8. A brief oral report on group activities and cave condition will be given on return of key.
  9. No trip member will be allowed to reveal the location of the cave. Penalty will be denial of access.
  10. No trail or route to the cave will be marked in any way.
  11. Trip Leader must provide current address and phone number. Any falsification will be considered perjury and acted upon as dictated.
  12. All participants are bound by the Cave Conservation Act of 1988.

I agree to abide by the above rules. I furthermore release the Uinta National Forest and the

Timpanogos Grotto of the National Speleological Society from any Liability for any injury or death resulting from visiting the cave.

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